25 September 2009

New header!

I'd like to publicly thank my dear friend Justin Williams with Red To Green Design for my purty new blog header!  And just wait, because there are several other variations he created that I'll be unveiling as the seasons change!

If you're looking for an innovative and very affordable website design, please contact Justin!  Not only is he super talented, but he's also a killer racquetball player, does a great fire-breathing dragon pose, and is going to marry my friend Autumn!  You can't go wrong.


Lauren said...

ooooo, i love it! i may have to get a header of my own created, as i'm dying to ditch the same-old, same-old blogger template look ;)

justin said...

I heard he makes them in exchange for free breakfast. But it has to be like, really really good breakfast. Nice!

justin said...

I heard he won his doubles division this past weekend in the wpro tournament in Dallas. He's an all around kind of guy. Amazing.