24 September 2005

My girls.

I love my girls. As I sit here this morning in Dallas, I'm wishing we could meet at Jackson's for a yummy Chicken Salad Torrado or get a suhweet cone from 'ole Nance at TCBY :). I mean, look at you! Not only are you beautiful on the outside, but you each have settled yourself into a little nook inside my heart. Here are just a few words you each symbolize to me:

TLC ~ free-spirit, passion, abandon
Amy ~ laughter, security, papes :)
Christy ~ everlasting, loyal, wisdom
Jeny ~ transparency, care, prayer
Suz ~ kindred, dreamer, kindness
Christina ~ adventure, creative, canoodle :)

Big kisses and hugs to you each today. MISS YOU!!

1 comment:

TLC said...

Oh... sweet, beautiful Hello Stiney!!! You are the best!!! Thanks so much for all the kind words you offer to the people who have been blessed enough to know you! I'm sitting somewhere in north Jersey, not too far from your hometown (good memories!!)... but I wish I could be there with you in Dallas!!! I hope you're having a great day!! Miss you!!