29 September 2005

Meet the Chocolate-Covered Korean.

My husband is the cutest thing EVER. Last night I walked into our bedroom to this sight and my husband yelling, "I'm a cocoa bean, I'm a cocoa bean!" He then proceeded to introduce me to the "Chocolate-Covered Korean" through song :) See for yourself here. Hee hee!


robyn a. jones said...

i'm glad your wedding present could be of some humor.. thanks for the email. i'm so glad they go with your decor:)
everyone at work is wondering why i'm laughing out loud! that was really cute:)

hope you have a great day. i'm linking my blog.. but i haven't really been faithful to it.

Michelle said...

wow - i just don't know what to think about that. did he just finish watching charlie and the choc factory or something? i'm glad someone finds my brother amusing and cute. :) :)

Ange said...

That was a great video to start out my day with. Thanks for the laughs.

Lots of love to you and the C.C.K.

kirby said...

hey, fun! a blog by Stine! u rool.

Madi said...

"no, not on the camera, dork."
**your laugh**

this is the video you show to your kids.