19 October 2009

Hometown beauty...

Wanted to share more photos from my dad on the beauty of my hometown right now during fall.  I just love these.  Have you seen the movie The Family Stone?  Remember the lovely Christmas scene where snow is falling and they're waking through a town square?  That's Madison.  Oh, how I miss it!

So here's a little tour...

downtown ~ waverly place with the millenium clock

main street

typical madison street scene...don't you just want to stroll along there with a latté in hand?

madison presbyterian church

lovely trees changing colors

this is where you board the train for new york city...

... and here is the lovely old restored train station, which is listed on the state register of historic places

view of downtown ~ waverly place from the train station

56 degree autumn day ~ perfect


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful photos of Madison!!

Susan said...

SO BEAUTIFUL. I loved going there with you--I think of it every time I watch Family Stone. :-)

And you know my other non-pictured fave is of course the Madison pool & waterslide. ;-)

Tara said...

I love small towns. My dream is to retire in a town just like that - unfortunately they don't provide the jobs I need as a 20-something. One day, though! Beautiful photos!