29 June 2009

Watermelon Granita.

One of the beauties of working from home: my husband just walked into my office and offered me this...

I love him! He got the idea from our dear friend Mary who told us about her "watermelon water" recipe on Friday.

Blend together:
Fresh, juicy seedless watermelon pieces
Fresh-squeezed lime juice
Agave nectar to taste
Garnish with fresh mint


I bet it would even be good with a little bit of fresh basil mixed in.

Perfect summer beverage!


The Morginskys said...

ohhh nice! we just started a detox today and this can be one of our 'desserts'!

Tara said...

Yum! That looks delicious! You've got quite the husband! ;)

marisa said...

um, i'm totally making this asap. yum-o.

Amber Lehman said...

I tried this today and it's AWESUM!