26 April 2008

A little tour of my garden.

View from the hammock

Here are some lovely things I discovered early yesterday morning in my own back yard, with a steaming cup of French press coffee in hand...

A sunflower! We wondered what this 4 ft. tall plant was going to be and it started blooming. Looks like the sunflower seed in that bird feeder decided to nestle in the soil and grow.

A red poppy bud

Papery-thin and lovely

Some micro-greens in our salad planter. Steven cut some of these for dinner and made a simple mix of cilantro, olive oil, salt, and pepper, and...what a burst of flavor! Pure, simple ingredients from our own back yard - you can't beat that.

Baby basil

More basil (an Italian girl can never have enough!) in my pail from the Nashville flea market

Random mushroom that looks like a daisy

Blackberries! They are Barbie-sized right now, and they grow out of the middle of a delicate white flower.


Shawna said...

oh so deliciously wonderful...though the hammock might be my favorite part. ;)

The Morginskys said...

stine, you are meant for sunshine, you know that? by the way, Martha stewart Living has a recipe this month for a strawberry gallette with basil infused whipping cream. its amazing. with your fresh basil it would be so yummy on just fresh fruit in general. sounds wierd but the whipping cream just has a hint of basil. yum!

Lauren said...

spring is THE. BEST. isn't it? you are a gardening queen, and i need some lessons. maybe i can come recline in your hammock and learn through observation. (giggle)

jenni said...

Next time I'm in Dallas, we're gonna hang out back here, ok?

jenni said...

Oh - is composting the reason for all this bounty, other than your skillz?

Secrets & Tea said...

You have a lovely garden. I love your hammock!

Jessica said...

everything looks great! I love the blue pail. I need to come over and pay you a visit.