03 April 2008

So many things to love about California...(part 3)

Favorite #3: The Farmer's Market. Who doesn't love a farmer's market? We spent the day back in Manhattan Beach browsing in the shops and enjoying the perfect weather, and got some unbelievably huge oranges to boot.

But first, my favorite meal of the day...breakfast! We had breakfast at Uncle Bill's Pancake House with, yet again, an ocean view! I'm getting spoiled.

I had a turkey patty, eggs over medium well, and Banana Buckwheat pancakes with loads of butter. Mmmmmmmm.

Then off to buy some beautiful oranges...still with the leaves on? That's a great marketing tactic.

I brought home as many as I could and made homemade juice with our fantastic juicer. Carrot and orange and ginger juice - mmm!

Favorite #4: A Day in Pasadena with Victoria. One I was very excited about...finally meeting my friend Victoria, who is a Mocha Club member, and my email friend for the past 2 years. We finally got a chance to meet, and Jen and I spent the day with her in Old Town Pasadena shopping! Victoria has some of the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!

First we had lunch at Gaucho Grill...

Then we spent time perusing the shops and making funny faces with the sunglasses at Banana Republic. I don't know why I find it so hilarious to try on huge glasses that take up my entire face. I also some great new shirts at H&M. That store can be so 'hit or miss'!

That's supposed to be a peace sign. What the heck is my finger doing?

It was a lovely, yet tiring, day! We made the 30 minute drive from the valley back to El Segundo and geared up for our next day or relaxation - free facials and celebrity treatment! :) (part 4)


A California girl... said...

YaY! for meeting Christine in person! (finally) You're pretty-darn-beautiful yourself my dear! And remember when i said I kept finding myself staring at you? It was just such an odd thing to see you moving after only still frames. LOL!! T'was a fun time - totally. And let me just say, I live here! and I was still super jealous of your vacation! I'd like to a) live that close to the beach and b) get to that Farmers Market and brunch by the sea every day :)

A California girl... said...

Ps. I hate you I hate you I hate you

for posting a picture of the most beautiful CARB I've ever seeeeeen!

I need pancakes. :( (with fudge)

Shawna said...

David just got back from San Diego and had dinner overlooking the beach at sunset. He kept saying...people live here - like this is their day to day life. So true. I'm sure you find yourself saying something similar. :)

Madi said...

oh what fun!
i'm glad you got to finally meet victoria...she's a blast and a great hostess. i loved it when she showed me her pasadena....and yes, she does LOVE pancakes (but who doesn't?....espeically those!).

how do you make carrot and orange and ginger juice?...i don't think i'd like the ginger though. is it strong?

robyn a. jones said...

idid missions one summer with the southern baptist thing that is where i was stationed all summer i flew into manhattan beach and spent several weeks there and el segundo... i think i could live in el segundo it seems like a small town within a huge metropolis... we lived a lot of other places for weeks at a time... even south central... (not compton..) but anyways it was a great experience.
glad you had a great time!