04 September 2007

Footloose and fancy free!

Remember this post where I told you about frolicking in a grassy field while a friend took photos of me? Well, that very talented photographer friend, Erin Fletcher, has posted them on her website. To enjoy her handiwork, just click "Proofs" and then "Bailey Portraits".

To me, the photos are a celebration of...
  • bare feet
  • white flowy skirts
  • green fields in the big city
  • kangaroo paw flowers
  • the "perfect time of day"
  • being ourselves
  • being free!


stephanie said...

I love your photos! SO BEAUTIFUL! ...aaaand I may have taken a peek at Bonnie & Craig's pics too! :)

Jenni said...

Pretty lady!! I love the photos, Stine. You belong in the outdoors. My favorites are of you walking towards the trees, and you with the purple flowers.

Jenni said...

Wait! I didn't realize there are three pages! Now I simply can't choose - you are too photogenic.

Suz said...

these are perfect. :-)

Amy Alexander said...

These are amazing! The ones of you with the purple flowers are magnificent!

Ali O said...

ooooooo, pretty!

robyn a. jones said...

absolutely beautiful!

Lauren said...

gorgeous, stine!

Sol (edwards.sol@gmail.com) said...

Thanks for sharing these amazing pics. I have been reading your blog for over a year and half...very fun to read how much we have in common.

My favorite pics of you are when you are gut busting laughing with the full spirit that is in you. I hope to get to know you more. :)

Madi said...

You should come with us the next time we go!!! It's a blast, even when it's 103 degrees...=)

I couldn't look at your photos here at home, so I did it at work, in the library. There are some 3rd and 5th grade boys who have crushes on you now....

*Starry eyed* "Miss. Madi, who's that?"

"My friend Christine."

*In love* "Wow. She's really pretty."

"She's also happily married."

*Crestfallen* "Aaaw, man!"