31 July 2007

Daisy Placecards & Curry Yellow Fans.

Finally done! :)

I made daisy placecards for everyone attending the wedding and some fun little fans, which I'm so relieved turned out just as I pictured in my mind!

They all go with these invitations, posted previously...

Happy Wedding, friends!!


Jenni said...

Did you hand-write those fans?!

I told Kierstin about this, but look here:


You could totally compete with her.


A California girl... said...

It's nice to have such talented friends! What a beautiful addition to their special day...Hope you're keeping 1 of everthing for your portfolio :) We're gonna open a shop one day in Nashville...I can feel it! We can paint together and let our dogs be friends...(you'll, of course, be wealthy and fly back and forth from Dallas while I fly back and forth to California *wink*)

Suz said...

these are spectacular, Stine! You better be careful or you're not going to have time to do anything but dream more. ;-)

Shawna said...

You really are the most talented person! I love your creations! What is that website again where we can "buy" your things? Great job!!