18 December 2009

Christmas movie essentials.

I'll write more soon, but for now I had to share the beloved Christmas films that have been on permanent loop at the Bailey house.  Who doesn't love the frumpily adorable Sandra Bullock in While You Were Sleeping and the mom who keeps repeating to herself at the dinner table, "These mashed potatoes are so creamy..."  Or precocious little pre-American Beauty Thora Birch in All I Want For Christmas?

A few more that must be added to the collection for next year:
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Miracle on 34th Street: the original
Polar Express
A Charlie Brown Christmas

If you have any other suggestions, please, share!


Robyn Jones Clark said...

you know i love emmett otter.. :)

great choices :)

Monica said...

Well, I only know two of your recommendations. But how could you forget "Serendipity"? ;-)
And I would like to add "Under the Greenwood Tree", a sweet English Christmas romance, and of course lovely "Mary Poppins". BTW, I have just finished my eighth sort of cookies: coconut macaroons!! - Happy greetings from Switzerland!

Sophia said...

I'll take what I believe is the 4th one down...Emmet Otter...I LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie! You are the second blogger friend that has mentioned that movie. Everyone here in my new locale is like "Emmett who!?" :D

Merry Christmas! :)

Matt, Andrea, and Luke said...

i like to go back and watch the Christmas episodes of Felicity. :) oh, and we love White Christmas too.

Madi said...

Love them all! Mine also include Narnia 1 & 2, The Family Stone and Love Actually.

Elizabeth said...

White Christmas!!

Mandy said...

was just about to ask, where on earth is White Christmas, my friend???