18 August 2009

Orange Strawberry Smoothie.

Sometimes, it's just the simple things in life...namely, an orange strawberry smoothie with the perfect frosty consistency for a late summer afternoon. It's so easy to make your own!


Juice of 1 1/2 big organic oranges {Plastic hand juicer works great}
About 1/2 can of organic coconut milk {I like Whole Foods 365 brand best}
Big handful of frozen organic strawberries
Big handful of ice
Couple sprinkles of cinnamon
About 5 drops Vanilla Crème Stevia

Blend it all together until the ice is completely mixed in. Eat with a spoon! MMMMMMM!


Christiana said...

My mouth is watering profusely.

[And I may or may not have licked my screen.]


the bowlin family said...

Looks so yummy and refreshing. Can you taste the coconut much, I am not a fan, even though it always sounds so good, my taste buds don't ever agree. :) The Bowlins will be trying these out soon!!

The Velvet Trunk said...

Girl, don't you know I'm buying strawberries tomorrow!!! ;-)

Thanks for this!!


The Morginskys said...

hmm, for some reason iam just now reading your august 11th post. i have a ton of thoughts, questions, etc..swirling in my brain. i'll just need to email all the questions~ partly spiritual-i want to hear more about the povery dinner, partly- i really need to do the parasite cleanse!

kierstin said...

mmm, trying this very soon.

Mandy said...

Mmm...I haven't made a smoothie in awhile but this has now made me want to again. I love smoothies...not sure why I often forget that I do have a blender and the things to make one!

teamfish said...

that's going in our vita-mix pronto!

teamfish said...

here's another recipe to try:

--coconut milk blended with chocolate MRP
--frozen strawberries & fresh pineapple

blend it all together in that order and voila - a smoothie of yumminess to add to the collection!