26 May 2009

First pool day!

You know I love swimming, summer, and all the memories that it brings. Memorial Day is the official beginning of summer in my book, and we rung it in this past weekend with brilliant sun, juicy watermelon, and even homemade banana coconut ice cream. Does it get any better?

My dear friend Amy Claire has been visiting for the last week, so she, Steven, and I headed for our friend's private backyard pool for a leisurely afternoon. I armed myself with body+soul magazines and my Anne Lamott book, Bird By Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life.

I talked to my dad, and he said their Memorial Day in New Jersey was very much the same - the weather was warm and balmy, and the Madison Community Pool parking lot was packed. Of course, he reported that my mom was one of the few brave ones to enter the chilly waters. After 42 years of the same tradition, that wasn't much of a surprise!

Here are some photos of our day...

water babies!

my hottie husband in his new swimming trunks
and greta looking at him adoringly, as usual

i guess amy felt left out, so she brought her imaginary boyfriend

juicy texas watermelon with fresh lime squeezed on top.
my mouth is watering just typing this!

greta loves reading body+soul



marisa said...

i'm so jealous. i got zero sun and/or pool time this memorial day weekend. good thing there's the rest of summer! you and amy look too cute :)

The Morginskys said...

i love it! love love love that you and amy got to swim together!!! so fun. you guys look adorable. oh, and what do you think of body and soul?

Living a dream... said...

The garden fresh yummies make my mouth water and time with you and your family makes me a little jealous :) What's funny is I was reading this as I have for "years now" and when you mentioned New Jersey I started to imagine it off in the distance of my mind, as if it were my own memory of childhood --- but then realized I LIVE RIGHT ACROSS THE WATER from NJ and tried to think about the weather on Monday! I live in NY now! I seem to forget that when other people refer to it/surrounding areas. :) Can't wait to share some dessert one day here in the city!

Amy Claire said...

isn't my imaginary boy so cute? he is so good to me, never talks back, and does what he is told. bliss.

what a great day this was!

The Velvet Trunk said...

You girls are way too cute!! Love the polka dots!! =0