06 January 2008

2008...a year of possibilities.

"Little children don't have more to celebrate. They just celebrate more things. They don't win more often than adults. They just act like winners more often. It leaves me wondering: Which comes first in life,
the victory or the celebration?"

~ A Childlike Heart by Alan D. Wright

It's 75 degrees on January 6th. To commemorate this special event, I took a bike ride on my SS Cruiser through a neighborhood that is slightly confused whether it should burst forth in full spring bloom or continue to hibernate in its winter starkness. I steered up and down hills and felt the wind blow against my face. On my way back home, I paused at the stop sign at King's Highway and Clinton and saw a cop passing through the intersection slowly, watching me. I smiled at him nervously, wondering if I would get in trouble for not wearing a helmet. But he just smiled back and said, "I like your bike!" and went on his merry way.

Back home and nestled into our red hammock, I opened an old book I had read several years ago, A Childlike Heart by Alan D. Wright. Flipping through to re-read a few passages that I had underlined, I saw this...

"Something happens between childhood and adulthood that changes our mind-set from 'I wish this day would never end' to 'I'm glad this day is done.'"

That got me thinking about the new year and how I'm the kind of person who will write a list of things I've already done just for the satisfaction of crossing them out. But I'm going to try something new in 2008: instead of trying to rush and accomplish, I'm going to make a list of possibilities. A person who is childlike has possibilities. So, off we go...
  1. Start enjoying red wine. I never thought I liked wine...that is, until I tried Avalon Cabernet Sauvignon on Friday night. I've also realized that wine labels are works of art, as simple or ornate as they may be. This one reminds me of letterpress.
  2. Make every recipe on Sara Snow's website.
  3. House stuff:
    1. Guest room: Paint walls ocean green & re-upholster headboard (current headboard fabric ideas: Surf & Sand Starflower, Surf & Sand Medallions).
    2. Butler's pantry: Paint walls Tuscan reddish/coralish color & get cool fabric for curtains (current curtain fabric ideas: Veronique by Alexander Henry, Sofia Butterfly Garden, Basil Vine Sofia).
    3. Guest bathroom: Paint walls purply-grey & get shower curtain that actually goes all the way around pedestal tub & doesn't spray water all over floor.
    4. Office: Paint walls calming blue & cover walls with inspiration wires like Jenni's to showcase international photos from India & Africa & Italy.
    5. Cool iron table: remove rust, spraypaint white & make mosaic for top with colored tiles from Bay of Naples.
  4. Work harder on photography so maybe, just maybe, I can get a Canon Digital Rebel.
  5. Watch more classic films.
  6. Get rid of all my CD jewel cases and reorganize into giant books. (question: What do you do with your old tray cards? I feel bad just throwing them away...)
  7. Travel to a new country. Because of my job, I could easily go back to Africa, yet I keep having dreams that I'm returning to India. And there's still the burning desire to visit Central or South America. Finally, I should prolly mention that I got this fortune with my Spicy Korean Chicken at Pei Wei: You will step on the soil of many countries in your lifetime.
  8. Finish the following books:
    1. Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
    2. Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer
    3. In Pursuit of Peace by Joyce Meyer
    4. Dancing Shoes by Noel Streatfeild (from You've Got Mail - a gift from Suz!)
    5. When The Heart Waits by Sue Monk Kidd
  9. Keep riding my bike as long as I possibly can without a helmet. Start wearing a bike helmet so I live to see 2009!


Julia said...

Hi! I'm Julia, 26 and I'm from the Netherlands. I found your blog a couple of months ago and have been reading it faithfully.

I LOVE your outlook at life and the way you try to treasure the small and "simple" things.

It sounds cheesy, but your posts sometimes inspire me to take action or change the way I think about things. I'm going to make a possibilities list as well, thanks for the idea! :)

Oh, and I ordered Elizabeth Elliot's "Secure in the everlasting arms" after you wrote about it. Lovely book!

steph said...

Can I take a moment to BEG you to wear a helmet, especially as busy as your area is? After Dustin's accident it just makes me nervous. :|

You need to come decorate my new place.

jenni said...

It's about time you start loving red wine!

Please take pictures of your wires.

I just started Eat Pray Love last night...

Christine said...

Julia - thank you so much! I am baffled by how you got to my blog, but I'd love to talk to you more. I've actually been to The Netherlands before. Email me at christine@dreammore.com if you can!

Suz said...

love this list and your possibilities! i can't wait to see your house with all that new stuff!

as much as i love your carefree spirit and i don't picture you wearing a helmet when you ride your bike, it made me giggle that you want to not wear a helmet so much that it is on your list of possibilities. i have to say, i agree with steph...i think you should consider it too...my brother had a bike accident a few years ago that could have given him major brain damage if he hadn't had on a helmet. i just don't want "have a major head injury" on your list too. ;-)

Amy Alexander said...

Those colors you have picked for your house sound phenominal!

themojos said...

stine, i feel like you paint alot? also, the problem with your tub...you need two plastic liners (and just one curtain)...thats the only to keep for spraying the floor. maggie has gotten into the cupboads in the kitchen gotta run...

regan said...

speaking of returning to india, i am reading shane claiborne's "irresistible revolution". what some stories about working with mother teresa in calcutta! i could totally see you there, but i hope you go to africa so that i can join you :)

btw: this is my feeble attempt not to be a "blog lurker". at least i think that is what you called me.

yeah for julia from the netherlands...christine really is awesome, isn't she?

Sara said...

As for the jewel cases...we donated all of ours to the library. They took them to use for CD's that need replacement cases, DVD's, etc. You can also do some really cool art with them. http://www.sunset.com/sunset/home/