04 October 2007

The mother of all dog bones.

"If you want this bone, you'll have to pry it from my cold lifeless fingers."
~ Greta Bailey


themojos said...

i LOVE how she looks like she will bite your head off if you come too close to the bone. she LOVES it, even her nails are clenched a little tight around it. what a great photo...i wish you'd post more of her, she is a beauty!!!

jenni said...

From this picture and my visit to your house, I can see that Greta has an addiction problem.

natalie said...

Christine, did you kill an elephant?

Also- I have not forgotten that long-ago request for some wonderful creation of yours bearing a certain wonderful quote.. I am looking for a favorite picture, but I think I just need some more.

Hope you're well!

Dan Alexander said...

I can't even let Mattox glimpse this picture or he will start lusting.

robyn a. jones said...

i think that bone is bigger than my dog, jonesy!

the-fletchers said...

I'm so glad that Uncle Jason brought Greta such a wonderful HUGE treat! Cole didn't really appreciate such a generous gift -- so we're glad that Greta knew what a large bone she was receiving. What a destroyer.

Enjoy Greta! We love you -- the Fletchers

Kristian & Katy said...

NYC post!
NYC post!

:) katy