17 July 2006

1 Year With My Best Friend.

" A successful marriage requires falling in love many times,
always with the same person."

~Mignon McLaughlin

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our first amazing year of marriage! We had an absolutely exceptional meal at The Capital Grille, where we also dined during our honeymoon. The meal featured outstanding service by our waiter, Neal, who, is also the proud owner of 3 Jack Russell puppies. The filet mignon was MELT-IN-YOUR-MOUTH, and the coconut cream pie and cheesecake were TO-DIE-FOR (and FREE!) We ate our weight in pumpernickel raisin bread, and then Neal smuggled us an entire warm loaf wrapped in a napkin in our doggie bag! Now, that's service!

My husband and I spent the dinner enjoying every single bite of our food and going back and forth reciting one "good" memory and one "hard" memory from our first year of marriage. As you can see, we really enjoyed the food :)

(Barely a drop of whipped cream left on that dessert platter! hee hee!)

During our little dinnertime "game," I was reminded of how much I've changed and learned in the process. Here are just a few...
  • Even though I didn't know it was possible, I love my husband more than I did a year ago :)
  • Although it's hard to not always get my own way, it's ultimately more fulfilling to learn how to be selfless.
  • Marriage is dreaming about possibility but living joyfully in the present.
  • Just "being" together is more important than the dirty dishes being washed (tough one for me!)
  • When you are both surrendered to God, somehow this unexplainable thing happens: the joyful moments outweigh the difficult times.
  • Brokenness is meant to bring us freedom.
  • Smuggling people their favorite bread in a real cloth napkin is a surefire way to get them to return next year.
After dinner, we strolled in the 100 degree heat (yes, at 10pm - only in Texas!!!) to the beautiful fountain in the Crescent Court to finish off the evening...

Today is the 7-Year Anniversary of my dear friend/matron of honor Christy ~ congrats Christy & Steve!

A wonderful marriage...incredible friends...good food...none of these do I deserve. That just makes me treasure these gifts all the more today.


Michelle said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I can't believe a year has already passed - it's about time I come and see you, now that you're all MARRIED and all. I'm so glad you have each other to enjoy life and memories together. May He give you many more.


TLC said...

Still my favorite wedding EVER. And as I told you in my text message, I love the model for marriage that you and Esteban are showing single people like me. You are a gift.

SB said...

What an incredible night it was. I'm staring at a picture of the other night right now at my desk and I'm reminded of how Good our God is. Not because He makes me happy but because He does everything to satisfy my heart. Thats a Good God.

What was not mentioned was the creamy mashed taters and creamed spinach...oh mama pajama! And you know you're in a great place when you can order your steak...medium rare PLUS. I was dancing on a cloud.

Still dreaming about the pumpernickel with whipped butter.

Jenni said...

Congratulations! It was such a fun wedding, rain and all. You two make a lovely couple who mirror the Lord Jesus's love.

Looking forward to seeing you both this week!

amy said...

I, too, cannot believe it has been a year since your wedding! Wow! Happy anniversary to you two kids! And lots of love from me! :-)


Erin said...

this warms my heart! congratulations and here's to many more!

Suz said...

i thought of you guys from camp, i'm glad your date was everything you hoped it would be. congrats. :-)

ccrosby said...

Happy Anniversary even though it's a little late! Yours sounded alot like ours :) We went to Cheesecake Factory, enjoyed a divine meal and shared memories & dreams for the future, no better way to spend an anniversary than great dinner and good conversation!! Love you and miss you lots, CC

Michelle said...

i LOVED the pics from your vacation! wow - what an incredible cabin you stayed in! and did you take all those pics with your sony cybershot camera? bc if u did, u need to teach me how to work mine like that - those pics were amazing! glad u two got to get away and have so much fun together. can't wait to see u in a month!! whoo hoo!