15 January 2006

Two pickles in a patch.

Walking buddy, sous-chef, fellow cuddler in the Big Chair, movie watching partner, one who makes me laugh uncontrollably, masseuse, baseball catcher, listener, Bible study partner, challenger, holder when I hurt, missionary, lover, and best friend in the entire world.

6 months ago, I was in a flowy white dress in the rain, walking down a hill covered with rose petals, surrounded by our closest community, and I was about to unite with the man who has redefined everything I previously knew about love. 6 months later, I couldn’t ask for anyone more perfectly designed to hold my hand through this crazy life.

Thank you, Jesus, for sending me Steven Bailey :-).

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Suz said...

The thing I love most about this post is the pictures...they so beautifully show just how much fun you and Steven have together...you can't fake smiles like that! I'm sure glad you met that MOD too. He's a keeper. :-)